A new wildlife crossing bridge and six-lane roadway opened last week in Edmonton, Canada. Connecting the city’s ring road, the Anthony Henday Drive, with the northeast energy and industrial area, the Aurum Energy Park-Aurum Road Wildlife/Creek Crossing will reduce the daily commute for about 10,000 workers by about an hour. Commuters would previously have to go through the congested Yellowhead Trail or use roads where railway crossings would cause additional delays.

To allow for safe passage for fish and small animals along Clover Bar Creek, a large arch culvert of 21.5 metres wide by 8 metres high and 67 metres long—the biggest one in Edmonton—has been constructed through the Cloverbar Creek Ravine. Monitoring of wildlife activity is to occur into 2020.

Reinforced Earth Company Ltd. (RECo) Canada provided Reinforced Earth® headwalls for the bridge which promises to stimulate growth to the industrial area in the region.

The headwalls consist of TerraClass® precast facings with a pleasant architectural finish. Construction began in Fall of 2018 and finished in Spring of 2019. The Consulting Engineers of Alberta recognized the project with the Award of Excellence in recognition of its positive environmental impact on the region. This award was presented to designer Stantec Consulting Ltd. at the Annual CEA Showcase Awards in 2020, recognizing several key players, including RECo Canada.

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