In Perth, RECo Australia designs and supplies 31,000 m² of TerraTilt® and TerraPlus® facing as part of the NorthLink West Australia road project.

In 2016, the city of Perth embarked on highway construction works intended to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population. This large-scale project entitled NorthLink WA will provide the region with a safer and more extensive road network by 2019. Divided into three phases, NorthLink WA consists in both upgrading existing links and the construction of new highways.

RECo Australia is designing and supplying TerraTilt® and TerraPlus® precast concrete panels. Having successfully completed its first mission in phase one, RECo Australia has won further contracts for the remaining two phases of the project:

Phase 1: Southern section: Guilford road to Reid Highway – completed
Design and supply of 3,500 m² of TerraTilt® facing panels on three bridges;

Phase 2: Central section: Reid Highway to Ellenbrook – work underway
Design and supply of 12,000 m² of TerraTilt® facing panels on ten bridges;

Phase 3: Northern section: Ellenbrook to Muchea – upcoming
Design and supply of 16,000 m² of TerraTilt® facing panels and TerraPlus® modular facing panels on several bridges and retaining walls.

Offering savings on equipment and costs, as well as in terms of time, Reinforced Earth® solutions once again prove their effectiveness and durability.


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