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Rising sea levels has been a constant threat for many years now, increasing the need for reliable and durable coastal protection and restoration solutions.

Highly concerning, the impact of this phenomenon in some parts of the world is extremely critical, eroding land away and putting populations and infrastructure at risk. These risks are especially concerning in parts of the world where developed land mass is below sea levels and in developed areas where landforms are exposed to erosion and scour.

Preventive solutions protecting populations and infrastructures

It is recommended that public authorities and land owners contact Terre Armee after observing first signs of erosion of shorelines and embankments due to rising water levels. At an early stage, our engineers will work with you in assessing the localized situation and proposing preventive solutions to mitigate both current and future risks.

The most common preventive solutions include constructing revetments, levees, groynes and breakwaters.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of shorelines

When not anticipated and acted upon, sea movements can completely reshape landscapes and erode shorelines. In such cases, solutions allowing for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of shorelines do exist. In fact, our geotextile tubes associated with geomembranes and geotextile bags can be used to re-build shorelines.

Geosynthetic containers have proven to be an efficient way to build gravity standing structures that retain and stabilize granular materials such as sand. Once buried, these structures provide a natural rendering while protecting the shoreline from erosion.

Scour protection

The back and forth movement of wave, or waterflows can weaken specific parts of man-made infrastructures such as bridges, ports and harbors. In such cases, many geosynthetic solutions can be used to reduce scour effects.

As an example, bridges can be protected using geotextile bags or grout filled mattresses.

Revetments and articulated concrete blocks

In areas that are exposed to strong and damaging hydraulic flows, “hard” revetments can be put in place that will allow for long term protection.

Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) mattresses can be installed to cover and protect banks, coasts and shorelines.

Related solutions



The TechRevetment geosynthetic grouted mattress is widely used for riverbank and riverbed protection. Our erosion protection solutions are highly resistant and durable, assuring for long-term service and limited maintenance.



When specific requirements are to be met, the TechCast form concrete bags are easy to install and allow for flexibility. Our team of engineers and experts will work together to offer durable tailored solutions, respectful of the ecosystem and mitigating risks.



The TerraTube geotextile tube is an excellent option for the construction of gravity standing structures for the rehabilitation of shorelines.

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