Project Description

Development in the urban environment involves building numerous functional facilities that support it’s inhabitants.

  • Access to transportation networks
  • Utilities, such as water, power and waste management
  • Public and private facilities such as schools & campuses, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls (also see Commercial & Logistics)
  • Measures to manage the natural surrounding habitat
  • Recreational facilities on land and water

Access to transportation

The ease of mobility for modern urban dwellers is vital for economic sustainability. Building user-friendly structures for pedestrian, bikeway, and auto-route users alike to access transportation-linked roads, pathways and tunnels to connect with outlying highways, rail and bus terminals is essential infrastructure.

Whether you are planning residential access to road, rail or surface mobility resources such as tramways, people-movers, streetcar, bus depot, or car parks, consult with Terre Armee engineers. Terre Armée companies draw from their expertise in developing massive outlying infrastructure projects to develop localized urban solutions.

Water, Power & Waste Management

From delivering solutions related to drinking water, electrification and gas for homes and businesses, to building infrastructure for managing waste, Terre Armee solutions have been built to meet these urban necessities.

Our water management solutions extend to dams and reservoirs for small and large cities. We work in the planning and development of urban retention ponds, city water reservoirs and conveyance structures for managing these resources.

From the front end of planning power and energy resource development to the end use and disposal or recycling of energy resources, Terre Armee solutions play an integral part in connecting the flow of these resources throughout the local community. For instance, we work with planners and builders of infrastructure that support local power plants, natural gas storage and the means for delivery of these resources to homes, businesses and local resource recovery facilities and landfills.

Control measures for the natural habitat

Planning and building an urban environment that is manageable for occupants to have some self-measures of mitigating the effects of nature on and around their homes, businesses, and facilities is a daunting challenge for planners. Proper designs for drainage, seepage, erosion and settlement must be made part of the master plans for modern urban facilities.

Terre Armee are experts in developing defensive solutions for managing the effects of natural threats. We furnish designs and materials for builders to install:

  • Ground reinforcement with geogrids and geocells
  • Soil anchoring for a stabilized landscape
  • Drainage composites/membranes and geotextiles to retain and protect their property against flood
  • Noise barriers and privacy fencing
  • Barriers for protection against the effects of avalanche or rockfall.

Recreational facilities

Parks, playgrounds, zoos, stadiums, amphitheaters, running paths, marinas and beachfronts are all some of the features considered for development in the modern urban environment. These facilities normally entail major modifications to the natural or existing landscape for building. For instance, ground reinfocement for “wear-and-tear” on activity fields and paths, pedestrian overpasses and underpasses, enclosed structures for athletes and spectators, launching ramps and marinas for boats, are all considered within the realm of modern urban planning. See our Sports and Leisure section.


Vision, development, delivery

Vision, development, delivery

Our engineers and sales teams work closely with municipal and agency representatives, and together decide on the best solutions and set measures of ensuring durability and dependency of their urban works.

Attention to ergonomics and economics

Attention to ergonomics and economics

We address the constraints and sensitivities of building in the urban environment. Minimizing needed space, time, and cost are all factored into the Terre Armée approach to our works.

Eco-friendly and environmentally responsive

Eco-friendly and environmentally responsive

Implementation of eco-friendly solutions. For example designing attractively finished structures made from thin elements, using recycled materials whenever possible are a part of our “Green is Great” ambitions.

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