Terre Armée designs and furnishes materials for the construction of river and waterway structures.

Our rivers and waterways are essential assets to be maintained, protected and preserved. Our waterway structures are designed and built to resist the combined forces of turbulent water and water borne debris, which can be highly destructive during and after storms and floods.

Earth retaining structures

The Reinforced Earth® solution has been used for 50 years to build structures adjacent to waterways. Reinforced Earth® river structures resist the combined forces of water and impact of debris mobilized by strong currents. Reinforced Earth® walls are combined with proper backfill materials to ensure adequate drainage, especially if the structure is subjected to sudden rapid draw down and natural tide levels. Our wide choice of soil reinforcement materials, both geosynthetic and steel allow for our solution to be used for all types of water conditions: fresh, brackish or saline.

River and waterway crossing solutions

For crossing rivers and waterways, bridges are essential civil-engineered waterway structures. TechSpan® is a cost effective precast concrete arch solution for this application. The combination of TechSpan® arches and Reinforced Earth® structures allows the design and construction of arch bridges and conveyance structures that blend into the environment. TechSpan® structures are used to construct bridges in single or multiple spans, hydraulic passes, material and water conveyance tunnels and other hydraulic works.

TechSpan® arches can be installed over existing roads, live rail or other existing service, with minimal disruption. The design methodology utilizes finite element analysis and funicular curve theory resulting in minimum use of materials, maximum arch durability, and a cost-effective solution that is simple and efficient to install.

Erosion and scour protection

Soft soils near waterways are prone to erosion. TechRevetment™ is an alternative and durable solution for erosion protection. A high-strength woven fabric geotextile form is fused with fine aggregate to develop the required shape of a protective mattress. Depending upon the design requirement and specific application, the type and dimensions of the fabric form to be used is selected.

This technology is used to protect embankments (dry or wet), protect bridge abutments against scour, and used for flood bank and bed protection of major rivers and waterways, lining of canals and for mining and industrial erosion protection and lining applications. This system can be installed at rapid speed and under water without the need for dewatering.




The wide choice of our Reinforced Earth® steel or synthetic soil reinforcement materials allows to provide an ideal solution for structures placed in all kinds of conditions, whether fresh, brackish, or saline water.

Designed to resist

Designed to resist

Our  Reinforced Earth® river structures are designed to resist the combined forces of water and waterborne debris. Built to withstand strong currents, storms, and floods, which can be highly destructive to other types of structures, Reinforced Earth®is a safe choice.



When watertightness is necessary, our GeoMega® system with GeoStrap® or EcostrapTM synthetic soil reinforcements can be easily combined with a waterproofing membrane, making it ideal for complex structures, such as locks and water saving basins.

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