The urban environment involves building commercial space and logistical infrastructure to support economic sustainability of the region.

This commercial space will normally include:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail centers
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Ports, shipyards and rail spurs

Retaining walls and tunnels

Terre Armée offers a variety of vertical retaining wall solutions using Reinforced Earth®, TerraLink®, T-Wall®, and TechWall™. reinforced soil slopes and “green” walls are furnished.

Tunnels and buried structures for the conveyance of people and goods are addressed with our TechSpan® precast arch solution, and TechBox™..

Warehouses, ports and rail spurs

Moving goods between locations in order to reach retailers and customers involves a cycle of receiving, handling, storing, and transferring. Each part of the cycle entails its infrastructure design approach.

Whether planning around roadways, railways or airports, these structures require careful logistical planning. For instance warehousing of goods normally entails large land-use in areas within or nearby the cities that are not zoned for tenant and office space but rather as industrial zones. Poor soils at these industrial locations require specialized developing and Terre Armee is equipped with professional engineering to tackle these challenges..

Site preparation and protection

Whether building in the city center or in the outlying industrial zones, planners and builders are regularly challenged with weak, compressible, and even contaminated soils. It is therefore necessary to make the right assessments and take relevant measures for the protection against natural and industrial risks. Proper designs for soil reinforcement, drainage, seepage, erosion and settlement must be made part of the master plans.

Ground stabilization using geogrids and geocells

Foundations and platforms that support buildings often require special preparation and strengthening in order to support heavy and sometimes unpredictable loading. Terre Armée’s geogrids are ideal solutions for basal reinforcement and soil stabilization, load distribution, and settlement control under load carrying platforms. Our engineers will design the right solutions for embankments, load transfer platforms, void bridging and earth works.

Drainage composites, membranes and geotextiles against flood and seepage

Control and protection against damage caused by seepage is made possible through the use of our TerraFlow™ HDPE drainage channeling composites.

Erosion protection

For robust erosion protection, Terre Armée answers to the needs of builders with various solutions using our ArmaWeb® geocells and TerraGreen™ turf reinforcement mattresses.

Soil nails and anchors for a stabilized landscape

The need for soil nailing and anchoring is common in site development for the reinforcement of excavated embankments. Whether for permanent or temporary applications, Terre Armée designs solutions and supplies TerraNail™ and TerraAnchor™ for such applications.

Barriers for protection against the effects of avalanche or rockfall.

When building in areas exposed to rockfall or avalanche risks, putting in place protective measures is of outmost importance. Terre Armée designs and supplies materials for the construction of rockfall protection bunds, barriers, nets and avalanche barriers.


Vision, development, delivery

Vision, development, delivery

Our engineers and sales teams work closely with municipal and agency representatives, and together decide on the best solutions and set measures of ensuring durability and dependency of their urban works.

Attention to ergonomics and economics

Attention to ergonomics and economics

We address the constraints and sensitivities of building in the urban environment. Minimizing needed space, time, and cost are all factored into the Terre Armée approach to our works.

Eco-friendly and environmentally responsive

Eco-friendly and environmentally responsive

Implementation of eco-friendly solutions. For example designing attractively finished structures made from thin elements, using recycled materials whenever possible are a part of our “Green is Great” ambitions.

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