Project Description

Durable, easy to construct, and resistant to hydraulic and dynamic forces, Reinforced Earth® structures are an excellent solution when waves, erosion, driven pack ice, or docking activities pose challenges in designing hydraulic infrastructure.

Reinforced Earth® structures can be designed with functional features such as wave deflectors and selective backfill and composite materials which ensure adequate draining and hydrostatic pressure relief. A combination of liners and membranes result in a technically and economically sound solution for liquids retaining structures.  Reservoirs, tailings dams, and settling basins are all possible with Reinforced Earth® designs.

Related techniques

Reinforced Earth®

Reinforced Earth®

Our flagship technique, Reinforced Earth®, is based on the principle of the friction between soil and reinforcements creating a permanent and predictable bond. At the origin of all mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls on the market today, we are continuously perfecting this simple, yet ingenious technique. Discover the advantages of Reinforced Earth®

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