Taking place in a very remote site at 230km from the capital Maseru, this project was awarded by the Lesotho Ministry of Public Works & Transports (Roads Directorate). Reinforced Earth South Africa was in charge of designing and supplying RE materials for the two Reinforced Earth® abutments.

The aim of the project was to upgrade road access across rivers and replace low-level bridges that flood during the rainy season.

Having previously constructed the abutments for 3 river bridges in Lesotho, the contractor, China Geo Engineering Corporation, confirmed its satisfaction with RESA’s bridge solutions by the award of this second contract.

Below, after and before pictures:

Key figures

– Area: 2.814m²
– Maximum height: 18.5m
– 26.273m² TerraTrel 350mm
– 187m² TerraTrel 750mm
– 60.609m of HA steel reinforcing strips

The partners

– Client:  Ministry of Public Works & Transport: Roads Directorate
– Consulting Engineers:  Aurecon
– Contractor:  China Geo Engineering Corporation

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