Expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction.



2023-01-24T15:24:11+00:00October 30th, 2018|Europe, France, Implantations|

As a subsidiary of Terre Armée Group, we offer the experience and technical expertise of an international group, adapting them to the specific realities of a local market. Find your local contact, our local projects and local news. COUNTRY CONTACT Terre Armée [...]

First trials on the new high speed line SEA

2020-01-10T18:49:30+00:00July 27th, 2016|France, Project|

First trials on the new high-speed railroad South-Europe-Atlantique (SEA) high-speed line (LGV) linking the city of Tours to Bordeaux have begun and speed will increase up to 352 km/h over the next days on one of the Reinforced Earth® structures supporting a track, where commercial speed of trains [...]

France – 15 meters high abutments for national road 82

2020-01-09T14:19:44+00:00May 23rd, 2016|France, Project|

Located South of Roanne and a hundred kilometers to the West of Lyon, between the towns of Neulise and Balbigny, National Road 82 (RN82) is the last link connecting national road 7 (RN7) to highway A89. On this crucial road to the opening up of the Roanne territory, [...]

World Premiere: Reinforced Earth® equips the high-speed railway lines

2020-01-10T18:57:25+00:00December 4th, 2014|France, Project|

The construction of Reinforced Earth® walls for the South-Europe-Atlantique (SEA) high-speed line (LGV) linking Tours to Bordeaux was completed in September 2014. Eleven structures totalling 20 walls were built, mainly to support the railway tracks on both sides of flyovers. The highest structure is 12.70 m high. For two of [...]

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