In December 2023, EPD Hub approved the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of our ArmaLynk® PET HS reinforcement, manufactured by our subsidiary Terre Armée India. This document gathers information on the environmental impact of a product according to international standards. The certification covers the whole life cycle analysis for the product from cradle to grave under EN 15804+A2:2019, ISO 14025 and ISO 21930.  

ArmaLynk® PET HS is also CE certified for reinforcement applications and under certification by the BBA (British Board of Agreement). 


What is ArmaLynk® PET HS? 

ArmaLynk® PET HS is a soil reinforcement geosynthetic, manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns, extruded and coated to form polymeric strips encased in Polyethylene sheath, and welded together to cross strips to generate a stable and strong geogrid structure.  

This geogrid can be used in many applications, such as: 

  • Embankments over soft and very soft soils: the additional stability brought by the geogrid prevent possible slips from occurring; 
  • Reinforced embankment over areas prone to subsidence: aims to reduce the impact of collapse providing support to the embankment, while minimizing the failure in the surface deformation; 
  • Piled embankment with basal reinforcement: the interaction between the piles (bridges, piers, and tanks for instance), ArmaLynk® PET HS and the granular fill provides an engineered system leading to more resilient infrastructure; 
  • Piggyback landfill expansions: can be efficiently used in combination with other Terre Armée products for landfill piggybacking to solve the ever-growing problem of waste materials disposal, especially for raising of the dykes over existing landfills and increasing the capacity of abandoned landfills; 
  • Lagoon Closures: in combination with other Terre Armée products facilitates sludge lagoons remediation on soft to very soft ground condition together with special geotechnical stabilisation techniques and helps in land reclamation and redevelopment for various purposes like waste lagoon and sludge pond closures; 
  • Access roads and load bearing platforms: when used in the ground improvement process of access road for heavy load movements and for load bearing platforms, induces stiffness to the soil underneath, improves lateral restraint, reduces the applied load on the soft soil and controls the differential settlement. 

Click here to download the EPD document

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