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Building Ports and Harbor infrastructure with Reinforced Earth structures.

Reinforced Earth® structures are aptly suited for construction of ports, harbors, quays and marinas, including watertight marine structures. Their unique abilities to withstand extraordinary stresses enable our structures to support buildings, railroad, heavy transport trucks, traveling cranes and the stresses generated by bollards and other docking means.  Reinforced Earth® has also been used to build ancillary harbor structures such as slipways and channels, either temporary or permanent.

Earth retention solutions

The Reinforced Earth® solution is renowned to synthesize secure technical and operational benefits by offering sustainable properties, substantial economic efficiency and minimal duration of the construction period. This solution is proven to be ideal for industrial, public, private, commercial, and recreational users for the construction of safe waterfronts. The use of GeoStrap® and EcoStrap® (polymeric) soil reinforcement in combination with a polymeric connection, or in some cases using high-adherence steel strip soil reinforcements allow for Reinforced Earth® structures to be flexible and adapt with ease for constant exposure to adverse hydraulic conditions. 

Our patented techniques and tailor-made solutions are primarily built to resist the combined forces of water and waterborne debris which can be highly destructive during storms, as well as other environmental stresses such as waves and driven pack ice. Wall facings can be designed with integrated functional features such as wave deflectors and eco-friendly surfaces that support bio-habitats.

Our structures can be built with a waterproofing membrane adhered to the claddings to create watertight structures. This empowers construction to be integrated seamlessly and quickly into coastal defense for sensitive sea ecosystems. These structures may include dry rock and protection levees against natural calamities such as cyclonic storms and extreme tidal fluctuations.

TechWall™ precast concrete cantilever wall and T-Wall® precast concrete gravity wall are also excellent fits for the construction of structures as part of ports and harbors developments.

Scour and erosion protection

Ports and harbors are prone to wave currents and turbulence. This turbulence leads to soil erosion which in the long run may lead to damage of the structure. TechRevetment® is a pre-engineered factory costumed grouted mattress solution used for permanent erosion protection works. This technology is used to protect embankments (dry or wet) against scour and bed protection.  This system can be installed at rapid speed and under water without the need for dewatering. 




The wide choice of our Reinforced Earth® steel or synthetic soil reinforcement materials allows to provide an ideal solution for structures placed in all kinds of conditions, whether fresh, brackish, or saline water.

Designed to resist

Designed to resist

Our  Reinforced Earth® river structures are designed to resist the combined forces of water and waterborne debris. Built to withstand strong currents, storms, and floods, which can be highly destructive to other types of structures, Reinforced Earth®is a safe choice.



When watertightness is necessary, our GeoMega® system with GeoStrap® or EcostrapTM synthetic soil reinforcements can be easily combined with a waterproofing membrane, making it ideal for complex structures, such as locks and water saving basins.

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