Project Description

When developing and managing our agricultural and aqua-cultural settings, it is important to preserve the environment while providing both temporary and permanent safe passage for machinery, people and animals.

These developments require carefully engineered earthworks and structures. Harvestable fields, forests and waters are often located in remote areas presenting challenging environments. Planning and building in these landscapes requires technical expertise.

Access Roads

Providing safe mobility for workers, trucks and machinery is difficult when the soil in place is soft, having low bearing capacity. Layering aggregates helps, but may require huge volumes and significant investments. As a result of continuous traffic of trucks and machinery, rutting is likely to occur over time without a properly planned defense.

Terre Armee soils experts will assist you in developing solutions using our high-performance geogrids to reduce the amount of aggregates required. Our solutions result in significant savings in up-front costs, and mitigate the effects of rutting, which in turn reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Bridges and Passages

Short-span bridges, whether permanent or temporary, are often required to cross irrigation canals, rivers and streams. TechSpan® arches are ideally suited to build these sensitive crossings while providing the structural capacity to carry heavy vehicles and machinery. Quick to install and easily dismantled, TechSpan® is also used for animal crossings and covered fish passages.

Rockfall Protection

When operating in mountainous surroundings, it is common to experience rockfall. This natural phenomenon can inflict serious damage to life and facilities located in proximity to the downslope. Protection can be achieved by installing proper rockfall mitigation such as barriers and netting. Terre Armee has developed a revolutionary passive rockfall protection barrier having a very high impact absorption capacity, requiring a very limited footprint. This Reinforced Earth® solution is backed by years of research and development and full scale testing. Our line of active rockfall protection using anchored surface netting works to mitigate the damage of rockfall at the source of the hazard.

Erosion Control and Flood Management

Working at ground level, our geomembranes and drainage geo-composites act to resist reoccurring rapid flows of water. It is possible to protect all forms of water pathways using our concrete-fused geosynthetic formed revetment mattresses. For stabilizing subsurface fine soils, our Turf Reinforcement Mats are installed. At elevated ground levels, mitigating natural risks posed by floods and erosion can normally be achieved using our grade-separating retaining walls to control and limit damage.




Our structures are designed based on many decades of experience and continuous technological innovation.

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

Low material cost and the ease and speed of construction are significant advantages, allowing to reduce overall cost.



The technology provides solutions in complex situations, especially when it comes to dealing with heavy loads and risk mitigation while having to ensure long-term life duration.

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